What is a robot?

When we hear the word ‘robot’, we see a picture of a big metallic structure in our minds eye but that shouldn’t be the case. A robot is a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.

In very simple terms, robotics is the science of building and working with robots. Robots are an engaging, hands-on way of teaching children important concepts like science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  9jacodekids Dash robotics classes, Easter Code camp  

What can robotics teach kids?

  • Math: Math can be a very difficult and scary subject for most kids especially when it moves out of the most basic concepts and begins to get abstract. Robots can provide an interactive way of teaching basic and advanced math concepts to kids by taking them away from paper and showing how it translates in the real world.
  • Science: Learning how robots are powered can teach children scientific theories on electricity and solar power, or photovoltaics; using robots to lift objects can build a child’s understanding of physics concepts like force and tension. Building a robot from scratch and seeing how different materials affect how their robot behaves teaches children the most fundamental aspects of science which is observation and experimentation.
  • Programming: Programming is an abstract concept that robotics makes understandable and approachable. Robots for children are designed to be simple, and this simplicity extends to programming. By building a robot, a child is exposed, perhaps for the first time, to how a code inputted into a computer affects the real world.


How to introduce your kids to robotics

Sign them up for STEM clubs and camps: STEM clubs and camps helps to keep their minds engaged and keeps them in charge of their learning. At 9jacodekids, we organize weekend code clubs and Holiday camps where your kids learn fundamental knowledge about robotics and how it can help them have a better understanding of the tech that powers the world today.

At home, you can get your kids the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit, Wonder workshop dash robot or Make block Mbot kit so they can be innovative and create things on their own.

Dash robotics at 9jacodekids
Dash Robot for kids
Mbot robotics at 9jacodekids
Make block Mbot for kids


LEGO Robotics at 9jacodekids
LEGO Robotics Kit for kids


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