Could you be wondering why it’s necessary for your kids to learn coding?

In today’s technological evolving world, coding has become more necessary and valuable, especially for the younger generation. Just as Tynker states on their blog, Learning facts is less and less relevant in a world where Google can satisfy just about any question in a matter of milliseconds; it is skills that will enable children to succeed, and that set of skills must include programming.”

These are 5 reasons why your kids should learn to code starting from today:

1. Coding is in high demand in today’s technological evolving world

We obviously can see that times have changed, we are in a world where ‘almost’ everything is being controlled by technology. Technology is being programmed to meet man’s needs in various fields, for instance, in the industrial field and in most work environments. Considering this factor, kids have to be rightly positioned to fit into any technologically-based environment where they may find themselves later in the future. Coding therefore is mandatory for your kids to learn because it makes them creators of technology.

2. A means of developing other crucial 21st century skills like problem-solving and critical thinking

In coding, critical and logic-based thinking is applied, thereby being able to solve problems by following the right and most specific instructions in a step-by-step procedure. This helps them think about, know and understand the world around them in a real sense.

3. A unique platform that unleashes ingenuity and innovation

Coding helps to massively expand one’s creative and innovative abilities in such an inspiring way, thereby creating a world of limitless possibilities. Coding could be likened to any sphere of art or music as a means of expressing one’s creative and innovative abilities. This, in a huge way enhances their intuitiveness and broadens their imaginations of picturing things the way they ought to be.

4. Kids learn better and faster when they’re young

Children learning coding at a young age is very vital, because they are more accessible to lots of free time, like long holiday periods— kids love to use such time in consuming technology (like video games) which of course can be created by them. On the other hand, it would be of a huge asset to parents if their kids learn how to code and program these technologies they use during those holiday periods. Also, they would find it easier and faster to learn more skills than adults– their minds are open, inquisitive, flexible, and learning code is like learning a language, far easier when you are young.

5. There’s never a dull or boring moment in coding

It’s an amazing and exciting experience to get to code. By the time you learn coding, there’s a positive inner-feeling you get, like–“wow! I’m a genius, I can create things!!”; “Seriously? I can make things happen!” Such feelings build up more ability, agility and enthusiasm in the coding process. In acquiring good coding skills, you’d get to create video games, apps, websites and lots more.

Having known all of these, isn’t coding worth doing? Great then! It’s very achievable. Your child can learn coding beginning from today.

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

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